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Written by, QGlobe
April 22, 2022

QGlobe x Chibi Dinos; will Provide Exposure to a Passionate Crypto Community. QGlobe, a launchpad for web3 projects, is robustly helping developers to fund their early stage blockchain game or metaverse projects. QGlobe connects web3 developers, engineers and architects with community investors, industry experts, token economists, venture capital firms and financial partners and gives them a platform to embark on their web3 endeavors. QGlobe offers a new way for investors to fund NFT, blockchain gaming, and metaverse projects at the Initial Game Offering (IGO) level. For this purpose the launchpad has been collaborating with myriad NFT projects and launching their IGO’s. This partnership will provide the foundation for a gaming metaverse that connects high-quality blockchain games and NFT assets to the largest and most passionate crypto community in the world. The collaboration resulted in onboarding several projects such as More Than Gamers (MTG), Mighty Hercules, Chibi Dinos, Boxing Boyz, Jackson 5, Kiesza's Milkyway Pirates, and Mad Trooper into its accelerator program.

IGOs, or Initial Game Offering, are NFT collections from top-tier gaming projects available exclusively in various NFT marketplaces. The collections can launch either via auction, fixed price, or mystery boxes. IGOs can be conducted over several rounds, offering a different number of assets each round with a tiered price structure and their purpose is to raise funds for the next stages of a project's development, marketing, etc. IGOs are purely for gaming and all drop content will consist of in-game assets such as early-access passes, weapons and items and much more depending upon the game and its assets.

QGlobe's latest collaboration with Chibi Dinos is much anticipated as Chibi Dinos is an up-and-coming BSC-based NFT play-to-earn sports game which was announced recently. Originally, Chibi Dinos is a collection of unique NFT assets with specific attributes and traits. The collection features a set of 10,000 2D uniquely generated collectible creatures called Chibi. Chibi Dinos feature immersive gameplay with an exciting lifestyle and gaming experience. The game includes one main game mode that spans 3 distinct regular game modes. Meanwhile, its modes feature several play to earn opportunities while connecting with the Chibiverse, competing in modes, and building a community. The Primal Hoop is the main gaming activity of the Planet HOOP.  The first model of the Primal Hoop features a competitive arcade basketball gaming mode. This game mode is aided by Chibiverse’s unique environment, which allows players to perform exciting stunts. The mode features basic basketball movements and abilities like passing, stealing, shooting, blocking, dunks, and special movements. This game mode is based on scores. Therefore, the team with the highest score wins this game mode.

QGlobe collaborating with renowned platforms and onboarding successful NFT projects as Chibi Dinos and launching their IGOs demonstrate that it is emerging as a robust web3 investment platform and ensures that early stage startups have a solid community of initial investors prior to their IGOs.