We understand that all these new terms can be a lot, hopefully this helps you out.

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Who is QGlobe?

QGlobe is the launchpad destination for NFT DeFi gaming and metaverse projects. While traditional VCs provide financing and very little support QGlobe provides 360 metaverse support from full stack unity developers, KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders), Gamification strategies, DeFi games, IGO advisory, and market making best practices.

QGlobe Whitepaper coming soon.

What is a Launchpad?

No, we are not launching rocket ships, sorry. However, our launchpad is a triple-A multi-disciplinary NFT and Metaverse Blockchain Gaming incubator agency. We offer full service support in product development, marketing, tokenomics modeling, contract auditing, creative, and more. We tailor vetted projects for a successful early fund raising round called an IGO (Initial Game Offering). So whether you are a project stakeholder looking for funding, or an individual interested in floor level opportunities to grow a project's development, QGlobe's platform serves both.

How does QGlobe work?

Like most Launchpads, users must first buy QGlobe Tokens in order to recieve "QGlobe Power" QGlobe requires the user to have a fixed number of tokens in their account to     take part in an IGO. Currently, the minimum amount is 500K QT. For each QGlobe token that was staked in QGlobe Vault, the user receives 1 unit of QGlobe Power. QGlobe Power is used to participate in initial game offering (SHO).

What is an IGO?

IGO stands for Initial Game Offering.
The purpose of the IGO is to raise funds for the next stages of a project's development, marketing, etc. This means investing at a very early stage and, of course, this carries some risks as there’s no guarantee that the project will be completed or successful.

How can I participate?

User must purchase QGlobe Tokens and stake them to acquire QGlobe Power, which is used to secure a Strong Holder Offering for the Initial Game Offering lottery. Was that confusing? Please continue reading below or visit the Guide page.

How can I purchase QGlobe Token ($QT)?

Add all the DEX its on then add tutorial videos

Not sure how to purchase on a DEX? Visit these resources on how to do so:
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1. Head to DEX LINK
2. Go to “Connect Wallet” in the top right-hand corner and select the wallet you have.
3. Log in to your wallet and allow it to connect to the DEX.
4. You will be presented with an option to swap tokens directing using the drop-down options next to the “from” and “to” sections.
5. Click on Select a Token and paste QGlobe Token's contract address.
6. Click Import and "I Understand", enter the amount and click “Swap”.
7. A preview window of the transaction will appear and you will need to confirm the transaction on your ERC-20 wallet.
8. Wait for the transaction to be added to the Ethereum blockchain.
9. You can check its progress by copying and pasting the transaction ID into https://etherscan.io/.
10. The transaction ID will be available in your wallet by finding the transaction in your sent transaction history.

What is staking?

Staking is a way of earning interest on your cryptocurrency by depositing it for a fixed period of time.

If the user purchases or already has the QGlobe Token, the user can then stake to QGlobe Token obtain QGlobe Power at a 1:1 ratio, which will give the user a chance to participate in the SHO.

What is QGlobe Power?

It's used to participate in SHO in an initial game offering.

What is a Strong Holder Offering (SHO)?

A strong holder offering (SHO) is a fundraising mechanism where eligible investors are chosen based on their on-chain activities and other proprietary data sets. Notably, a Strong Holder Offering enables a project to attract funding from individuals who are holders of a given cryptocurrency.


What are the SHO Requirements?

To join QGlobe's SHO users are required to stake a minimum of 500K QT. In order to receive all vested tokens users are required to retain their Stake for the whole duration of the vesting period. Users have 72 hours to retake their tokens in case they want to change or prolong their staking duration without losing their vested allocations. More about this in Strong Holder Requirements section below.Depending on amount of QT staked - users fall into one of 5 Tier. Higher Tier means higher winning chance and more allocations.

Please join our Discord to stay updated on when we release our Tier Requirements and Holder Requirements.

What is the total supply of the QToken?

Coming soon.

What are token economics (tokenomics) for $QT (QGlobe Token)?

Coming soon.