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More Than Gamers

More Than Gamers (MTG), is a collection of 10,000 generative 3D side profile Characters fighting for survival in the Gamers metaverse. Smarts and determination through struggle and unique styles are what they’ll need to beat the game before their time is up.

MTG transcends the NFT space to bring it to the mainstream. In less than 10 days it has amassed over 120,000+ followers and over one million views on its game trailer.


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More than Gamers (MTG) is launching an IGO with QGlobe in 2022 after a successful 2021 sold out NFT collection of 10,000 generative 3D side profile characters. The wild success of this NFT launch is lead by founder a strong team of web3 Esports gaming industry leaders, Aaron Kirshenberg and Michael Padilla.

MTG is based on fighting for Survival in a Gamers Metaverse. Smarts and determination through struggle and unique styles are what they’ll need to beat the game before their time is up.

The world as they know it is long gone. The rise of an elite royalty class has sent the rest of society into turmoil. Economic inequality, hate, and division have become the norm. $Arcada is a utility token that powers the MTG ecosystem and determines a gamer's Society class. The more one plays, the more $Arcada they earn. $Arcada is needed to purchase all essential items. Gamers must now battle across the metaverse to earn $Arcada to survive.  However, a rumor has been spreading… Collect enough $Arcada and you may be able to break out of the constraints of your economic class and become a Royal gamer. Are the elite truly satisfied or are they also under the secret control of a higher power? But that is just the beginning of the journey.

Expect MASSIVE MTG online tournaments with hundreds of thousands if not millions of viewers. Our goal is for our holders to be eligible to compete in these tournaments and allow them to play with some of the biggest names in the gaming and entertainment space.

The Specs

The NFT collection went live on 24th December. Remarkably, all 10,000 NFTs sold out in less than 30 seconds for .2ETH each. More than Gamers takes place in a dark and desperate future, a place filled with economic inequality and hate, overseen by a powerful ruling class. Gamers must battle others across the metaverse and use the token $ARCADA to survive and purchase all in-game items.

The Team

Aaron Kirshenberg: Founder/CEO at Team New Age

Sposta: Advisor/Owner

Michael Padilla: H
ead of Marketing

Keemstar: Silent Partner

Redscope: Founder

CryptBandocoot.eth: Director of Operations

3seater: Artist

Aalasady Al-Shureiji -
3D animated visual artist

Rajkv: Unsure of title but handles security, management, and QOL of the discord

BobbyBoucherJr: Head of Partnership

LoganAtWork: Head of social strategy and communication

Mew The Gamer: Community Event Leader

PwNSome & Nickster: Community Moderators